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Lead ID 9913

Lead date 10/9/2019

Postal Address Dun Emer Park Dundrum Dublin

County Dublin City South

Job Title Pre Purchase survey in Dundrum

Tradesman / Professional Required Building Surveyor

Detailed description of the works

What is your budget Budget < €500

We work nationwide with the following trades: Accountant, Intruders and Fire Alarms, Architect, BER Assessor, Block and Bricklayer, Builder, General Contractor, Ground Work, Attic Conversion, Building Surveyor, Carpenter, Joiner, Cleaning Service, Computer Repair, Conservatories, Sunrooms, Electrician, Flooring, Gas Fitter, Gardening, Landscaping, General Work, Miscellaneous Works, Graphists, Artists, Gutters, Fascia, Soffit, Handyman, Insulation Contractor, Insulation Pumped, Interior Architect, Designer, Internal Doors, Stairs, Kitchens, Fitted Furniture, Locks, Locksmiths, Painter, Decorator, Paving Contractor, Plasterer, Plumber, Heating Contractor, Quantity Surveyor, Removal, Storage, Roofer, Secretarial, Typist, Stone Mason, Sustainable, Green Energy Consultant, Tiler, Tree Surgeon, Underfloor Heating, Web Designers, Windows, External Doors,

Building surveyors undertake structural survey of your dwelling or other building. They assess the condition of your house or your commercial / industrial property as well as other types of public buildings. They will provide you with a survey report.

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